Links to check out

Links to interesting people, blogs, websites, YouTube channels etc

John St Julian. John lives and runs a children’s home in Africa with his partner. He followed the number 11:11 there. He is a super beautiful and intelligent soul. He has done some great You Tube videos exposing Russell Brands and often talks about the allegories of the bible and ancient texts.

You Tube:


Vigilant Citizen A website that looks for the symbolism in media, current pop culture, hollywood etc

Gnostic Media Founder Jan Irvin has delved in deep to the conspiracy field, specifically LSD, hippy counter culture, he does shows each week on his You Tube channel

Devin Magdy Some fantastic You Tube videos, covering everyday black magic rituals, manipulation of sexual energy

Santos Bonacci Alot of great work here on Symcretism

Video series – The Unmasking Set of videos highlighting current issues on the planet